maanantai 16. lokakuuta 2017

About getting wiser

I translated some Eino Leino's poems to English, and wrote later also this:

"Learning wisdom
I started reading a book about the life of Eino Leino. In the very beginning there was a picture of his childhood home taken later when others lived there. In the front there was a boat, atmospheric and wise way of keeping the boat on the opposite whorel, like Eino Leino's poems, but the trees by the house looked yound and very straight, as if those who lived there nowadays wouldn't have had anything much nature's wisdom. So how to learn wisdom if one has kind of square starting point? I have written about learning intelligence in my Finnish blog and since it interests educators, it might have been translated to English at least partly. I have translated the core: the thinking course at and at my video channel there are on playlists (Increasing intelligence, and Rationality of feelings and instincts) quite many advices about learning intelligence. One could in addition read my e-book at the first text in my blog . After that one could repeat someof the advices about intelligence: practical things to do and nature increasing intelligence. Abotu moral I have written at . One could maybe read also with links."

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